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Enroll for Summer Today!

Enrollment is now open so be sure to get a spot!



Fridays  |  10 Weeks  |  Starting June 14th

 8:45 AM    Baby Boppers   (ages 1-2)*†

 9:15 AM    Baby Boppers   (ages 1-2)*†

 9:50 AM   Tune Tots          (ages 2-3)

10:30 AM   Rhythm Rockers (ages 3-4)

11:15 AM   Mini Maestros   (ages 4-5)


10 weeks /$150 + $25 annual registration fee

(registration fee is 1x/year only: includes t-shirt, award, session songs, badge & recitals.

Reg. fee is not included if child was enrolled in fall 2018, winter 2019, or spring 2019)

*(Due to smaller class ratios in Baby Boppers and classes continually being quickly filled, we will be offering two groups of Baby Boppers classes.  Earlier enrollments will be placed in the 9:15 class first.  If both Baby Bopper classes are filled then we will look into adding a class at 8:15 AM.  Children will be placed by MME into the class date and time that fits their level, age, and school schedule accordingly.)  

†Please also note that we do accept children who are not yet 1-year-olds.  The only requirement is that they are able to sit up on their own.

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