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"Enrolling our son into Music Makers was music to our ears, literally. He comes home singing after every Wednesday with a new song he learned that day. Ms. Hannah does an incredible job in curating a sweet theme for the week and sends a music review with everything they covered in class. 


Our son has always been a little shy when meeting new people and friends and MME truly has had a major influence in his language skills and social skills - he is more and more confident in expanding his vocabulary and opening up to his friends and family. Bonus is when we Facetime the grandparents and he sings to them - cue all the heart eyes and you looking like the best parent.  


Most importantly, Ms. Hannah cares so much for your child, insuring she instills valuable lessons that will carry your child throughout this crucial stage of development and setting a strong foundation of communication, confidence, and compassion. Not to mention she has such a big heart, light and warmth to her. We can't wait to sign up again!"

-Rosalyn, CCOA Music Makers Education Parent

"My daughter adores Music Makers!! She does tons of activities and is enrolled in several classes in and out of school, but always says MME is her favorite of all. 

I love the creativity and freedom Ms. Hannah fosters in my daughter, and have watched her develop a love for singing her thoughts and feelings in a way that only a child can! I believe MME will allow her to maintain that lack of self-consciousness and appreciation for music and composition for a very long time -- ideally forever! 

Thank you Ms. Hannah for your passionate and important work with our kids."

-Abigail, CCOA Music Makers Education Parent

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