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Here at Music Makers Education, we believe that music should be one of the fundamental elements in all education systems. Music is universal. It activates the brain and fosters creativity. It gives insight to concepts both simple and abstract. Additionally, our encouraging environment supports confidence, creativity, and self-expression, and promotes healthy socialization—which even alone is invaluable for children.



Online Access to Session Songs

Families receive online entry to all of their session's songs for easy access at home or on-the-go.


Recitals serve as a special milestone for children and families. Our students share what they have learned in class with this positive and encouraging optional performance opportunity.

Student Reports

Families receive updates of what their child participated in and what they are learning.

Instrument Exploration

Children are given freedom to experiment with and uncover a variety of instruments during the Instrument Exploration section of each class.


Our music program's curriculum is research-based and is tailored to each school's unique curriculum so that each class can best benefit your child.


Music Games

Music games are incorporated as an engaging and unique way to garner knowledge and encourages discovery through play.

Exclusive MME Shirts

Each Music Maker receives their own MME shirt to wear for their recital then to keep as their own.

CircleTime Sing-a-Long

Students gather together to experience music through song, including: aural observation, humming, pitch matching, and singing. 

Exclusive MME Songs

Students are exposed to a variety of songs, including original music that is exclusive to Music Makers Education.

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