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While programs may use music as a teaching tool, it does not provide all of the benefits that are gained from an actual music class.

Here at Music Makers Education, we believe that music should be one of the fundamental elements in all education systems. Music is universal. It activates the brain and fosters creativity. It gives insight to concepts both simple and abstract. Much can be gained from its aspects that vary from pitch, rhythm, dynamics, ear training, consonance and dissonance, lyricism, and more. Additionally, the encouraging environment supports confidence, creativity, and self-expression, and promotes healthy socialization—which even alone is invaluable for boys and girls.


is a form of math. 

Dancing to music

is kinesthetic learning.

Uncovering a new instrument

and figuring out how it produces sound

is science. 

Learning about the background of music

incorporates history.

Hearing and singing lyrics

encourages language development

and verbal expression.



  fun & enjoyment with music

  confidence & self-esteem




  improving memory

  knowledge of musical instruments

  music through movement

  emotional expression & development


  ear training

  learning & singing of fun songs


  cognitive development

  social connection & development

  speech development


  cause & effect exploration

  coordination & motor skill development

  greater understanding of other cultures & their music

  positive & comfortable performing opportunities

  understanding & application of musical terms

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